Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the countdown begins....

if you only knew how many times i have started this journey.. you would be shocked. or maybe 'im just like everyone else in the diet and weight loss health crazed (yet failing) world... i'm normal. i have gained and lost 100 pounds or more.. hmm.. four times. i have gained and lost 40 pounds or more.. about three or four times.. and good lordy.. 10 - 20 pounds.. that's almost monthly norm.

gain.. lose.. gain.. lose... its a nasty cycle.

sad part is.. i have watched my husband lose and gain 30ish pounds a few times as well. it seems to affect him MUCH harder and more in a medical way than an emotional way. his snoring is back.. he weezes again.. and the scariest thing is how he has to once AGAIN pop antacids to control his horrible heartburn and acid reflex (er whatever its called). my poor husband has been eating like a cow lately.. and his awesome wife is following in his lead. uggg..

i KNOW what to do.. its time to do it.. AGAIN.

so here i am. i will document it all. some good.. some bad.. but i promise... all of it honest. i will discuss life.. food.. weight... kids.. business.. stress.. pms.. poop.. in-laws.. etc. doesn't matter to me. i hate to punctuate if i don't HAVE TO and since this is my blog and i will be using my laptop MOST of the time for this.. i probably wont be paying much attention to that.. so be warned. don't * me in the comments with grammar corrections. remember... i'm cutting out sugar and all good foods i love.. so don't get on my bad side.. lol

so January 1st... here i come...