100 Things About Me...

Who Am I?
  1. im in my LATE 30s..
  2. i love to draw portraits and do so often.. making a little money for Christmas..
  3. i don't go to church but im a believer and have my own relationship with God..
  4. i have glasses but don't wear them
  5. i don't feel like im the age i am... i feel like im about 10 years or so younger..
  6. my husband is my best friend.. but there are days i cant stand him..
  7. i love love loveeee shoes and purses. not expensive one.. cheap colorful ones..
  8. i am cynical and suspicious by nature.
  9. i have a tattoo of a dragonfly on my leg
  10. i gave my husband about 10 tattoos.. he was my guinea pig while i learned how to tat...
  11. i don't like cats
  12. i have a college degree in graphic design..
  13. i cant run.. but some day want to become a runner...
  14. i believe in gay rights.. and that they have the right to get married..
  15. i hate the small town i live in... even though i grew up here.. i miss the city..
  16. i have OCD issues...
  17. im very controlling...
  18. i have a weird need to be accepted by people..
  19. i get bored easily.. and therefor need some sort of project to turn to at all times..
  20. im not a girly girl.. although if i lost weight.. i LOVE to dress more girly..
  21. i wish i was born in the 60s..
  22. i cant stand people who do not know the difference between their & there.. or your and you're.. etc..
  23. i hate CHANGE..
  24. i have a fear dying too soon...
  25. i suck at cooking.. but when there is NOTHING to fix for the family.. i can always pull something together out of nothing... and it turns out good. if planned with a recipe.. it usually sucks..
  26. every job i have every had after high school.. i have worked my way up into management.. and now ownership. 
  27. im a VERY competitive person...
  28. im not a shopper... im a saver..
  29. i love to build things.. from wood.. with manly man tools. and im good at it..
  30. i like to make people smile..
  31. im very sarcastic and witty..
  32. i pop my knuckles..
  33. i love to do yard work..
  34. i love the rain in the summer...
  35. i love garage sales..
  36. my teeth are bad in the back..
  37. i smoke.. but want to quit asap.. and will try to soon..
  38. i did drugs in my 20s.. which is why my teeth are so bad..
  39. i like to put BRIGHT colors in my hair..
  40. i like shocking people...
  41. im organized...
  42. i don't like naps.. i think its a waste of good time..
  43. i love slippers... winter or summer..
  44. i chew my nails.. but do my own acrylic nails when im in the mood. 
  45. my favorite color is purple..
  46. i learned how to walk by getting drunk two days before my first birthday... i was crawling back and forth between my mom and dad taking sips.. neither one of them knew the other let me have a few until i started walking. 
  47. i don't like diamonds..
  48. i don't like spending money on myself..
  49. i don't like flowery perfume..
  50. i like scarves..
  51. i like to live simple.. buying the next new best thing is stupid if the old thing still works fine..
  52. i like getting real letters in the mail...
  53. i love cream cheese..
  54. i hate spaghetti.. unless its smothered with cheddar cheese..
  55. crooked things bother me.. a lot..
  56. i cut ALL of my family's hair.. even my daughter who loves it funky and colored.
  57. i cant handle seeing someone or hearing someone throw up... except from my Littleman. im immune to his.. doesn't bother me to clean.. see or hear his...
  58. when i had a c-section.. i made them check me 4 times before i believed them that i was numb before cutting my stomach. i had a HUGE bruise from the clamps pinching me because of my fear.. 
  59. i set my alarm 18 minutes before i get up.. just so i can hit snooze twice..
  60. ive never been arrested..
  61. if my husband wasn't a truck driver.. we would probably be smoking pot on the weekends..
  62. ive been to oz fest.. and wasn't very impressed. though, i did see Lincoln Park while they were still unknown.. and that made it worth it...
  63. i think goatees are sexy..
  64. i have an infatuation with cheese.. i loveeee the taste of it melted..
  65. im a planner... i don't know how to be spontaneous..
  66. i met one of my closest friends on-line.. she was my maid of honor in my 2nd wedding..
  67. i make it a personal challenge to make a grouchy person happy.. 
  68. ive only gotten one speeding ticket in the 25 years i have been driving. it was my 20th birthday.. and the officer said "happy birthday" as he handed me my ticket...
  69. i drink a lot of coffee.. but it always has to have cream and sugar..
  70. i have really thick hair.. and its STRAIGHT. i hate it..
  71. i like pain killers so much that i don't like to take them.. because i like the feeling they give me..
  72. i love to flip a room.. or a house... tile.. paint.. anything...
  73. i don't like halloween..
  74. im a people pleaser..
  75. i try and find the positive in everything..
  76. i have trouble asking for help..
  77. i don't like to eat out in restaurants.. i imagine the workers doing who knows what to the food on a bad night..
  78. i love dr. pepper..
  79. i don't mind doing laundry.. but i hate putting it away..
  80. i cuss a  lot..
  81. i wear silver hoop earrings almost every day..
  82. i hate gold jewelry..
  83. i have blue eyes..
  84. i have a dog named jake..
  85. i would love to go back to school.. for cosmetology..
  86. i cant stand when people interrupt me or someone else talking..
  87. i hate the summer heat.. not sure if that's because i'm overweight or that i just cant stand the heat...
  88. i love a good argument...
  89. i really like tic tacs... a LOT
  90. my dad lives on the east coast.. i miss him a lot..
  91. i've always wanted to live in a loft.. one giant room..
  92. i wish i would have never gone to art school... 
  93. the older i get.. the less i care about sex..
  94. my in-laws don't like me.. and i never did anything to them..
  95. if someone hurts me.. its easier to shut them out of my life than to confront them..
  96. i miss how much i USED to laugh..
  97. i have been a Denver Broncos fan since i was a little kid..
  98. i was a huge tomboy growing up... just so i could hang out with my brother..
  99. i make lists.. and plans for everything... 
  100. i snore when im REALLY tired..