Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41 ... on the road again...

wow.. time is slipping right through my fingertips! im aliveeeee... and still going string. SO much has changed in the last week.. its crazy!

ok.. first.. the husband went back on the road driving. he likes it.. is happy for the most part.. and we are adjusting to him not being here. its been weird.. and good.. and rough all at the same time. i think he comes home tonight so that will make it much easier... or calming anyway for him.

through all of that change.. we got our taxes back. YAY! paid off a shit load of bills... still have more.. but not so much that its unbearable. that took a HUGEEEEEE stress off me.. and wowzers does that do something to the happy cells in my husbands body. lol..

ok.. last but not least.... ((( DRUM ROLL PLEASE ))) i haven't told many people this yet because of some of the negativity behind it.. but i started a new diet. i researched the hell out of it and was so eager to try it.. so freaking curious... so i did! its Dr. Simeon's HCG diet. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! i started it Monday... and so far i have lost 6.5 pounds and i have so damn much energy i don't know what to do with it sometimes! im one of the VERY lucky ones that it worked perfectly right away.. no tweaking.. no side affects.. nothing. i got the REAL kind (not the OTC one that has no real HCG in it).. and paid good money for it. im doing the drops. its freaking awesome. i broke through that stupid 180 finally.. and im NOT going back. since i was walking BEFORE i started.. im still walking. im doing less of it.. but not stopping. once i get into the next phase.. and ween myself off it.. and stabilize myself.. im going back to more strenuous exercise. i miss the sweat.. but i am following this diet to a T. no cheats.. not fluctuations at all... so we shall see. :) i will update more on it as i go...

now.. i gotta get off this computer and get a shower taken. im buying an old truck from my neighbor this afternoon (YAY!).. going to be running all over town before getting the kids. this is my only ME time.. lol. ahhhh!

i WILL post more... just gotta get back to a normal routine again... and im almost there! :)

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Sheri Apprille said...

Yay!! Good for you for staying in control during the chaos and stress! That is always the hardest! It's great that the scale is finally moving along for you! Whatever that diet is, good for you for committing to it 100%. Your mental approach makes all the difference in the world.

I'm glad things are going well!! Keep moving forward!! :-)