Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32.. Good things come from the bad..

well.. on the weight loss front.. im not doing great.. not doing bad. i haven't lost anything since i last logged in. that's to be expected considering the chaos and nuttiness going on at my house..

my husband was fired from his job a few days ago. cool huh? he was fired because of his "attitude problem". he has one. there is no denying it. even when he doesn't.. he appears to have one. that's just him.funny thing is.. we had a long talk about it last weekend. he carries a chip on his shoulder all the time. the job he had as a CDL driver for this company was customer service oriented. when you are a dick 90% of the time.. or appear to be one when you aren't.. you are perceived as having an attitude. that's what happened. a customer complained.. and actually lied about the situation (the chick poked her finger in his chest cussing at him). so how is he going to explain that in THIS instance? yeah im an ass sometimes.. but not THIS time! they said HE cussed at them. wasn't true but who and what are they going to believe?? the MONEY from the customers.. or the employee who wears a fuss face all the time.. even if he is in a good mood? exactly.

anyway.. from that came a better job. i hope. two to three times the money and he will be back out on the road. alone. not dealing with people. that's good and bad. the good.. obviously.. hes a hard worker and gets his job done.. and NOT dealing with people is good. the bad is.. not being home every night and his paranoia and anxiety coming back. you know, cuz since he isn't here at home.. i have the ability to screw every man in town and all (cuz im all that! pfft!). just because i have a business to run and THREE kids to take care of AND a house to keep up with doesn't not mean its not POSSIBLE. uggg! i just hope these past 7 months have proved to him that his paranoia is ridiculous. would be a LOT easier if the damn bar was sold. he will be home on the weekends.. but not until saturday afternoons. that means i run the bar on fridays by myself. double uggg.

so yeah.. stress.. money.. husband.. life... its all getting in the way and takes a toll on me and my journey. i have NOT given up. as soon as things are back on a regular schedule i will get my schedule regular again. the only thing i can do now is stay in control of my stress.. and keep on walking.

to top it all off.. TOM arrived in the middle of it all. YAY! lol..

gotta get busy... before my mad rush of FOUR customers come in here in the next three hours. lol. love this town! PFFFT..


Sheri Apprille said...

Hey girl,

You keep your head high and hang in there. Find me on FB if you want. I believe in you!! Keep moving forward. :-)

Sheri Apprille said...

Madd Mom - Where you at?? Haven't heard anything from you in a week! Hope all is well!

Madd Mom said...

Im here Sheri! Still Kickin! :) I have started a post about 4 times now and have been interrupted by anything and everything.. lol. I will post tomorrow.. but thanks for checking on me!! Im still going at it and hope all is well with you too! I will check on you tomorrow as well ;) Take care!