Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25 .. wacky wednesday..

nothing exciting going on today. same ol same ol.

i did get a workout in when i got home. it was only 2 miles.. but it was better than nothing. my food has been pretty good..not the best.. but decent. i haven't eaten us out of house and home.. yet. im craving ridiculous foods right now. not sure if that's more pms or stress. i haven't caved ... and im doing well otherwise.

the week is half over.. but the DREADED friday is coming up. man i hate fridays. friday nights specifically. the bar. working there. the husband and his temper and hate. ug.

just. have. to. survive. that. night.

thank goodness i don't like to drink... or do drugs. if i did, i would have been in BIG trouble these past few days.

keeping my chin up! it could be worse... :D <-- cheesy smile

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