Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20.. pissy Friday..

uggg this day has sucked. im gonna make a quickie post because i don't like blogging a lot of bitchiness.

i did manage to squeeze out a 5 mile walk. i wasn't in the mood to run.. but did get a good walk in. my legs are still very sore.. new muscles found on my legs (not quads or hams) :O apparently there is one (or more?) on the SIDE of my leg too?? nice. thanks for warning me. it hurts too..

so husband is being a complete dick today and im not in the mood to butter his ego just so he feels better. bleh. my daughter got into a screaming match at school with a bitch (yes.. she really IS a bitch and has been for years). the bad thing about it is that my daughter didn't take the high road like i have preached and preached. she has an attitude too.. and some days she is an unbearable 14 year old. however.. this little spat today was over some petty bullshit that my daughter helped to egg on.. and crap that you would see in kindergarten. like.. you are sitting too close to me.. &  i was here first.. etc etc. it escalated to a point where my daughter went psycho on this chick verbally.. calling her an f'n b!itch.. f off.. f this and f that.. and vice versa. im really disappointed.. but more so really embarrassed. when you live in a small town of 2k people.. EVERYTHING gets out. we own a business... and count on the public to spend money at our business. you get the picture. soo... i tell her dad about it...

as ALWAYS.. he says well that chick probably IS an f'n b!tch.

wow. way to teach our kids about dealing with people, dear husband. of course.. that's what HE would have done too. he is the cursing king.... and tact isn't something he has ever had. ug! for years i have tried to teach my kids to be classy and not trashy. fight your battles with confidence, sarcasm and truth... not screaming and cursing. pfft. there goes that theory. hubby will probably give her a high five when he gets home.

anyway.. she got detention. husband is acting like a dick now.. and i get to deal with him tonight. fridays always suck anyways.. this was the icing on the pissy cake. we work at the bar tonight. he will give everyone dirty looks.. be sarcastic.. people will leave.. he will be bitchy and say they leave because of him (because surely they didn't already have OTHER plans.. or i dont know, want to GO HOME BECAUSE THEY ARE TIRED) and thennnn we will probably argue. again.

YAY! (sarcasm)

a cheeseburger sounds so good right now. *sigh* .....but salad it will be tonight.

my next investment will be a punching bag. just saying..

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Sheri Apprille said...

MM -

Hang in there! Those types of days are tough, but it shows what you are made of! As disappointed as you are in your daughter and even your husband for this, you can't take on what you can't control. Believe it or not, you are being a great role model by sticking to your plan and moving forward. Be proud of yourself. Because right now, in order to get through all of this, you have to be able to take care of yourself and put yourself first - which it seems like you are doing!
Pop in a Leslie DVD if you can - she'll make you feel good! ;-)
"Sisters in Sweat!"
You got this!