The Players In My Game..

Husband - age 36 .. We have been married since May 2003. I was 5 months pregnant with Littleman when we got married. He is a truck driver by trade. He can be the sweetest man in the world when he wants to be - do ANYTHING for a friend or family member.. but then there is the devil side of him that reeks havoc on our lives. He can be so mean and nasty at times.. but never ever would he put a hand on me. NEGATIVE is an understatement when I describe the one thing I dislike about him the most. On a PLUS side, he puts up with my attitude, OCD, and controlling nature. Our marriage isn't bad, but it's emotionally draining 90% of the time. Currently he is seeing a counselor for his paranoia and anger issues.. and takes Seroqui1. Its helping, but the problems that his mental issues cause are FAR from over. I take it one day at a time and focus on the good as much as possible. I want nothing more than our marriage to work. Through it all, I love him with all of my heart.. and so far.. that wins over everything...

Oldest Son - age 15.. He is my son from my first marriage. THE light of my candle. He keeps me going and no matter what, I know he will always support any decision I made. He is a good student.. has a huge heart and can keep you laughing for hours. He likes video games and the computer.. but not in a social way.. in a massive competitive way. School is easy for him, so he often gets bored. Way too mature for his age, I know he will go far some day. His little brother looks up to him so much and follows his every mood, imitating his humor and sarcasm.

Step Daughter - age 14... She is my mini-me. We do not have the same DNA but she is so much like me on every level. Even her addiction and issues with food. Colorful, artistic, creative, hard working (when her teenage hormones don't get in the way that is)... but motivation she is definitely lacking in. She has had issues with OCD and anxiety over the years and is still dealing with it on a daily basis. Through it all, we have become close (even through the bad days) and will always be considered MY daughter.

Littleman - age 8.. the baby. He is mine and hubby's baby together. SO much like his father, with a mix of me in there too. If you were to combine two people perfectly.. this would be the outcome. He has his father's spunk and anger.. my need to please.. his father's attitude.. my stubbornness.. his father's sensitivity.. my creativity.. and BOTH of our loves for SNACKS. He is my <3 and joy.