Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 .. contagious!

had a long day at work today.. like.. it.  took.  foreverrrrr to get to 1pm. on thursdays i serve chili and cinnamon rolls at the coffee shop for lunch. i was super slow anyway.. but THEN.. oh my gosh.. i had to sit there and smell those cinnamon rolls. FRESH out of the oven cinnamon rolls. extra cinnamony (yes that's a word) cinnamon rolls. i paced the floor behind the bar yelling at myself in my head. lol. im not even kidding. all i could think of was how freckin good it would taste. THEN.. i kept thinking.. um hello.. do you know how much work that would be to exercise those additional calories off??! and umm.. hellooo.. 19 days of perfect eating?! is it REALLY worth it? sigh. probably.. but i didn't cave. lol.. i ate a banana instead... now i have gas. stupid banana.

so i got home and changed clothes really fast and popped in the movie miss. congeniality 2 and started walking. i decided right away that i was going to run again today. not a mile.. not at once anyway. i REALLY want to work up to it.. so i don't crap out early. i walked a half mile.. jogged a half mile.. etc etc for 2.5 miles. it felt really good. my legs are killing me right now. especially my calves.. but its a good hurt. :) YaY!

this sounds goofy.. but some day when i get to my goal (fitness goal.. not weight goal).. i REALLY look forward to saying "honey, be back in an hour, im going for a run". crazy... i know. most people look forward to the size 5 jeans. i do look forward to that too.. but i really look forward to running. and seeing muscles. the last time i lost a lot of weight.. i got down to 162 pounds. i couldn't get below that number and i wasn't fit yet. i don't remember what happened.. but i crept back up.. and continued over the past several years. at 162, i felt awesome (coming from 256) but i have never really finished this journey. this time.. im going to run through that finish line.. then start a new phase/race.

so my husband has been eating better because of with me. last night he had a salad. you have no idea how BIG this is. i felt bad for him when we went to bed because his stomach physically started growling at 10pm. he turned over and went to sleep. its in shock.. poor thing. he is a night eater. BIG dinner.. chips or popcorn a few hours later etc.. followed by a 2 liter of mountain dew. he stopped drinking pop about a week ago (because i did at the first of the year).. he has been drinking more water.. eating healthier lunches (not as strict as me.. but for him its a HUGE change). aaaand guess what?

that ass has lost 4 pounds in a few fricken days with no exercise and only changing a couple things. men suck. seriously. grrr...

he says my changes in eating, exercising and just the pure determination i have lately is contagious. even my step-daughter is catching the bug. she tells me the carbs, protein, veggies, fruits, and fats from her school lunch.. and how she balanced it. she also changed to white milk at school and as i type this she is in there jogging on the mini-trampoline. :)

fitness is contagious...

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