Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24.. WHOA! time got away from me!

first.. weigh in day was monday. guess what the number was? 180. again. the numbers i ALWAYS get stuck on are 220 .. 200 .. 180 .. and 160. it takes foreverrrrr to break through those numbers. never have broken through 160. stupid scale.

i feel good though. looking back at fridays post.. wow.. i was a snarly biatch. lol. im pmsing.. i know it. and this weekend was sucky too for the record.. but i said my peace when i needed to.. and things are better. :) guess i need to do that more often. heh.

i haven't worked out since friday. i have been so fricken busy. filing taxes (business and personal).. bookwork.. kids.. house.. life. im so tired. i got sooo much accomplished today though. husband is in a better mood too.. probably because we get a hefty tax return. luckily we are poor and get mega bucks back from earned income credit and poppin out kids. lol. *whew* this is the only time of year that it doesn't suck being poor. seriously. the previously mentioned return coming will also pay off three credit cards (one of which is HUGE).. and all of husbands doctor bills. we are also getting another vehicle for him to drive.. which will save us about $160 a month in gas. YAY.

food.. not so great.. but not bad. next week im going to start carb cycling. my body doesn't like this lower carb crap... or eating the same thing everyday. sent me into constipation hell. all i can do it keep on trying and changing things up when i see my body (or mind) doesn't like it anymore. i miss my treadmill too :(  tonight im gonna watch biggest loser and job on the trampoline for an hour... if i can get it away from my daughter long enough. im so proud of her.. she is on this kick and is really taking it serious. UG! that means i have to get my ass in gear. the plan is that we get in good enough shape to actually go running at night this summer. she is holding up her part.. i have to hold up mine.

ok.. better go. making meatloaf sandwiches tonight.. served on a hoagie bun and smothered with mozzarella cheese. mmmmmm. im not having the mozzarella or the bun. *sniff* but its all good.. and worth it.


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